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Why ERP?

ERP Software automates and integrates core business processes such as taking customer orders, scheduling operations, and keeping inventory records and financial data. ERP software can drive huge improvements in the effectiveness of any organization, including but not limited to:

  • Manufacturing Management
  • Distribution Management
  • Financial Management
  • Reporting & Analysis

An Enterprise Resource Planning solution assimilates corporate logistic, financial and administrative processes into a central information and management system. It connects all processes ranging from sales, logistics and stock management to purchase and financial administration. ERP software integrates all corporate information into one system.

Our key success factors are

  • Applied functionality based on best practices in the sector
  • Expertise in the field of vertical markets
  • The project team's years of experience
  • The proven track record
  • The competitive price/quality ratio
  • The high service level
  • A proactive approach of the market

Benefits of ERP for your Business

Integration across all business processes

To realize the full benefits of an ERP system it should be fully integrated into all aspects of your business from the customer facing front end, through planning and scheduling, to the production and distribution of the products you make.

Automation enhances productivity

By automating aspects of business processes, ERP makes them more efficient, less prone to error, and faster. It also frees up people from mundane tasks such as balancing data.

Increase overall performance

By integrating disparate business processes, ERP ensures coherence and avoids duplication, discontinuity, and people working at cross purposes, in different parts of the organization. The cumulative positive effect when business processes integrate well is overall superior performance by the organization.

Quality Reports and Performance Analysis

Analysis on ERP will enable you to produce financial and boardroom quality reports, as well as to conduct analysis on the performance of your organization.

Integrates across the entire supply chain

A best of breed ERP system should extend beyond your organization and integrate with both your supplier and customer systems to ensure full visibility and efficiency across your supply chain.

ERP Solution

Most importantly, your ERP system should fit the way you do business, not the other way around. Burhani Technologies ERP solutions are designed with deep functional fit built in, but they are also highly customizable to align even more closely with your unique business processes

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